Kinsey’s Sexual Ideology: A Danger to Public Health



The belief that all consensual sexual behaviors are healthy has permeated the philosophies and work of the Kinsey Institute and has had a major impact on research, sexual education, and sexual health worldwide.


The Kinsey Institute’s “nonjudgmental” or all-inclusive approach to sexual behavior is a major reason why their work is so harmful. Societies have always put restrictions on harmful sexual activities, including such things as pedophilia, bestiality, and others that are recognized as abnormal disorders by mental health professionals worldwide. It is one thing to document that various abnormal behaviors exist; it is another thing to claim, as Alfred Kinsey did, that since these behaviors are being practiced by some people, they are, therefore, “normal” and healthy.

Internationally recognized expert Dr. Miriam Grossman says, “The modern sex-ed movement began in the 1960s using American Alfred Kinsey’s model of modern sexuality as a foundation.” In 1964, Dr. Mary Calderone, a Kinsey enthusiast, founded SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) and taught that “from the day (children) are born, they are sexual beings.” Referring to Kinsey’s research, Calderone stated that “professionals who study children have affirmed the strong sexuality of the newborn.”

Kinsey’s belief that all consensual sexual behaviors are healthy and that it is society’s prohibitions on promiscuous sex, not the promiscuous behaviors themselves that cause problems, has not only permeated the philosophies and work of the Institute to this day, but has also had a major impact on research, sexual education, and sexual health worldwide.

The Kinsey Institute’s findings on human sexuality, initially published in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (collectively known as the Kinsey Reports), have been used to promote dangerous sexual behaviors such as:

and much more.

Another area of concern to public health originates in the comprehensive sexuality education  programs that are being taught to the world's children.  

Dr. Grossman further explains that Wardell Pomeroy  served on the original board of directors of SIECUS, that SIECUS has since partnered with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) extensively and that one of the main authors of UNESCO’s highly controversial International Guidelines on Sexuality Education (see Appendix 4) was a former director of SIECUS. Thus, Kinsey’s intellectual offspring continue to assault children’s innocence and health through the far-reaching comprehensive sexuality education programs of today.

Modern comprehensive sexuality education programs are mostly based on fraudulent Kinsey science purporting to show that children are sexual from birth and sexual behavior of all kinds are healthy and normal for children, adolescents, and adults. The sexuality education guidelines published by both UNESCO and the World Health Organization (WHO) have clearly been influenced by the Kinsey Institute’s view of human sexuality.

UNESCO and WHO comprehensive sexuality education programs outline "appropriate" instruction for children in the 0-4 age group as consisting of:

  • “Give information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body . . . masturbation”
  • “Enable children to gain an awareness of gender identity”
  • “Give the right to explore gender identities”

Between ages 4 and 6 years old instruction encourages early childhood masturbation.  At 6 to 9 years of age children are given information about "different methods of conception,” "enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body," and information about "friendship and love towards people of the same sex.”

By the time a child reaches 12 years of age they have been well versed in the use of contraceptives, masturbation, orgasm, and their "sexual rights."

With the onset of sexual activity in early childhood, children and then adults adopt a lifestyle of highly sexually promiscuous  behavior, which in turn results in not only increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases to the individual but also the widespread transmission and infection of large numbers of society.


Protect the health of our children & societies from risky sexual behavior.

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