STEP 4: Protect



Go to your child’s school and ask to review their family life or sex education curriculum for Kinsey’s sexual ideologies.

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Work on your own or form a local Parent Coalition to visit your local schools.  Instructions to form a PC below.

Go to Your Local School

  • Visit the local school(s) your children attend and ask if you can speak with someone in the administration about the school’s curriculum. (You may have to schedule an appointment for a future meeting, so don’t get discouraged.)
  •  Be courteous and polite.
  • Once you are face to face with the appropriate school official, explain that you have recently learned about some harmful material that is being taught in school Sexual Education and Family Life Curriculum programs.
  •  Ask to review the school’s curriculum on these subjects.

Review the Curriculum

  • Once you receive the curriculum programs, review it, noting any questionable or confusing material.
  •  Compile your notes and send them along with an electronic file of the curriculum you reviewed to us at
  •  The Stop Kinsey Coalition will review your notes and respond with further suggestions.
  •  Include with your curriculum notes details about your visit and the willingness of school officials to cooperate with your request.

Forming a Parent Coalition

When able, we encourage you to form a Parent Coalition. Several united parents working together can have a big impact.  It is harder for school officials to turn away two or four or more parents than it is to turn away one. Parent Coalitions are valuable due to the support parents can offer each other as they meet with school officials and review curriculum.

  1. Talk to parents, grandparents and concerned citizens in your neighborhood or school districts.
  2. Plan a date to visit your local school(s) as a group.
  3. Follow the above steps for "Go to your local School" and "Review Curriculum."
  4. Have each member of your PC review the curriculum and make notes on potentially dangerous Kinsey ideologies.
  5. Appoint a secretary to compile all notes and make an electronic copy of the curriculum.
  6. Email notes and curriculum to

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