From their fraudulent sex research, to their collaboration with pedophiles to publish their sex experiments on children, to their promotion of risky sexual behavior as healthy and normal, the Kinsey Institute has caused incalculable harm to children, adults and families.


If a child were not culturally conditioned, it is doubtful if it would be disturbed by sexual approaches…It is difficult to understand why a child, except for its cultural conditioning, should be disturbed at having its genitalia touched, or disturbed at seeing the genitalia of other person, or disturbed at even more specific sexual contacts”  
                                                                       ~ Alfred Kinsey, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, p. 120-122


Although the Kinsey Institute denies any collaboration with pedophiles, Kinsey himself clearly states that he used information provided by adult men who had sexual encounters with children.

In Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, Kinsey states, “Data on pre-adolescent climax come from histories of adult males who have had sexual contacts with younger boys and who, with their adult backgrounds, are able to recognize and interpret the boys’ [orgasmic] experiences ... 9 of our adult male subjects have observed such orgasm. Some of these adults are technically trained persons who have kept diaries or other records which have been put at our disposal; and from them we have secured information on 317 pre-adolescents who were either observed in self-masturbation, or who were observed in contacts with other boys or older adults.”34

It was Kinsey’s obsession with the sexual responses of children that led to the publication of the infamous Table 34 in Chapter 5 of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which documents the sexual abuse of several hundred children. While there has been intense controversy as to how these data were collected and by whom, Kinsey himself states that at least nine adult men conducted or “observed” sexual contacts with children and confirms that these encounters are the basis for their data on children’s sexuality.

Kinsey states that child-adult sexual encounters were conducted and reported in order to comply with “the scientifically fair demand for records from trained observers.”35 Kinsey then proudly asserts, “We have now reported observation on such specifically sexual activities as erection, pelvic thrusts, and several other characteristics of true orgasm in a list of 317 pre-adolescent boys ranging between infants of five months and adolescence in age.”36 Kinsey explains that the sexual reactions of children were “timed with [a]second hand or stopwatch.”37 Table 34 in Kinsey’s book includes these data: an 11-month-old baby experienced an alleged “orgasm” ten times in one hour; a four-year-old child and a 13-year-old boy experienced 26 such alleged “orgasms” in a 24-hour period.38

Is one to believe that the 11-month-old baby brought himself to orgasm 10 times in one hour, or that the four-year-old child stimulated himself repeatedly for 24 hours and timed his results with a stopwatch? Or was one of the men Kinsey interviewed just conveniently on hand for 24 hours while he watched someone else sexually stimulate the child? If these men—whom Kinsey calls “our” subjects—truly were trained observers, who trained them, and why did the Kinsey Institute not report them and protect the children they were abusing? Many Kinsey researchers and biographers believe this is because the Kinsey Institute encouraged and condoned this abuse.

Kinsey goes so far as to suggest that sexual stimulation is beneficial to babies, saying, “A fretful babe quiets down under the initial sexual stimulation” followed by “violent arm and leg movements, sometimes with weeping” and then subsides into “calm and peace.”41 Kinsey even suggests that children need the “help” of adults in discovering their sexuality, especially effective methods of masturbation.42 This is not advancing sexual health, but rather sexual abuse, as defined universally by laws around the world.

Kinsey protected the identities of known pedophiles and asked them to document their abuse thereby giving legitimacy to, and no doubt encouraging, sex crimes on children in the name of science. John Bancroft, M.D., emeritus director of the Kinsey Institute in his paper, “Alfred Kinsey and the Politics of Sex Research” said that Alfred Kinsey was, “particularly interested in the observation of adults who had been sexually involved with children.”33

One of the probable victims of Table 34 known as Esther White, a woman now in her 80s, believes that it was Kinsey who encouraged her father, a former student of Indiana University who studied alongside Alfred Kinsey, and grandfather to sexually abuse her when she was a little girl and to time her sexual responses with a stopwatch. Esther testifies that she was personally interviewed by Kinsey at age nine, and at that time, she saw Kinsey pay her father a large sum of money.  [Read Esther’s letter to the UN]

Esther recently found a photo of her father with his fellow students at Indiana University. On the back of photo, her father had written the words, “College of Education Penis.” 

It is surprising that not only did Kinsey collect data from child abusers, but he accepted them as scientifically valid, or at least he presented it to the world as if it were valid, scientific research showing children are sexual from birth.

The Kinsey Institute has repeatedly refused to make their files available for scientific review or for the victims of the Kinsey pedophile reports. The Institute even refused to offer information in the investigation of a child victim who was suspected to have been killed by Fritz von Balluseck, a German pedophile with whom Kinsey communicated.

"There are, of course, instances of adults who have done physical damage to children with whom they have attempted sexual contacts...But these cases are in the minority, and the public should learn to distinguish such serious contacts from other adult contacts which are not likely to do the child any appreciable harm if the child's parents do not become disturbed.
                                                 ~ Alfred Kinsey, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, p. 120-122

The Kinsey Institute defends their position on this issue stating on their website, “Without confidentiality, it would have been impossible to investigate the very private lives of Americans then, and even now.” This statement indicates that the protection of pedophiles is more important to the Kinsey Institute than the protection of children.

Former Kinsey Institute director, John Bancroft, has said, “We will never reveal the identity of anybody involved to anybody else,”47 and he even went so far as to say that revealing the pedophiles’ identities would be “immorality…of the highest order.”48 This clearly shows the Kinsey Institute’s firm position to protect pedophile informants while leaving children vulnerable to sexual abuse. It is ironic that virtually the only sexual behavior on which the Kinsey Institute claims to take a “moral” stand is the protection of known criminal child sex abusers.

Today, pedophiles take justification for their actions in the research produced by Alfred Kinsey.  Known pedophile, Tom O’Carroll, former chairman of the British Paedophile Information Ex- change (PIE) cites Kinsey extensively in his book Paedophilia—The Radical Case. O’Carroll’s book includes this alarming statement taken from Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male: “It is probable that half or more of the boys in an uninhibited society could reach climax by the time they were three or four years of age, and that nearly all of them could experience such a climax three to five years before the onset of adolescence.”28

Alfred Kinsey  and the Kinsey Institute have caused the direct and indirect abuse of thousands of children since the publishing of his first books on human sexuality.

Whether encouraging abuse, as in the case of Esther White, and the 317 other children documented in his book; by supporting pedophile behavior with his fraudulent research justifying child-adult sex as a normal and healthy part of human sexuality; or by simply refusing to dispute the pedophile research that allows the pedophile of today to find vindication in that research -- the harm has been done and children today are at greater risk.

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