A Child Victim

Esther White:  An Alfred Kinsey Child Victim


Young Esther White

One of the probable victims of Table 34 known as Esther White, is a woman now in her 80s.  Esther believes that it was Kinsey who encouraged her father (a former student of Indiana University who studied alongside Alfred Kinsey) and grandfather to sexually abuse her when she was a little girl and to time her sexual responses with a stopwatch. Esther testifies that she was personally interviewed by Kinsey at age nine, and at that time, she saw Kinsey pay her father a large sum of money.



Esther White with her father and younger brother.

The Kinsey Institute dismisses Esther’s claims with this statement on their website, “Kinsey did not ask people to fill out questionnaires or forms. There was no experimentation, and no one was ‘recruited’ to ‘participate,’ and certainly not to molest anyone.” It is surprising that not only did Kinsey collect data from child abusers, but he accepted them as scientifically valid, or at least he presented it to the world as if it were valid scientific research showing children are sexual from birth.


Esther has written a letter to the United Nations asking them to reject the Kinsey Institute and put a stop to the harmful practices and ideologies that led to her own sexual abuse as a child.

Below is Esther’s letter to the United Nations dated April 12, 2014:

To the United Nations Accreditation Committee:

I was outraged when I saw the Internet video of the Kinsey Institute testifying before the United Nations accreditation committee for NGO status. I was infuriated that there was no opposition to their application. Were all of those on the Committee ignorant of the Kinsey Institute's history and the founder, Alfred Kinsey, with his famous "orgasm charts" documenting the molesting of children with a stop-watch?

I am one of those children!

Alfred Kinsey founded the Kinsey Institute on the campus of Indiana University when he wrote his first book, "Sexuality of the Human Male" that was pre-published in 1947. I still remember that forest green edition that was disguised to look like the Holy Bible. My father was proud to be one of the so-called researchers for this book while he was using me as his sex slave to do the so-called research.

I personally witnessed Alfred Kinsey hand my grandfather and my father a joint check for just $6,000.00, for his several years of so-called research for the Kinsey books. Alfred Kinsey also wrote "The Sexuality of the Human Female" (1953). The first book was recently re-published for the Kinsey Institute to commemorate their 60 years in the illicit sexuality business. The profits still go to finance the Kinsey Institute today.

The childhood sexual incest committed against me, that Kinsey hired my father to do, severely affected me and later also my husband and has caused us both great pain during our marriage.

When I was older my father had a massive stroke that took away his speech and paralyzed the right side of his body. It was really hard for me to be my father’s 24/7 caregiver for two years. Bathing the man that committed incest against me for money, paid by Alfred Kinsey himself, was really tough on me emotionally. By God's grace and with a loving husband, I have survived. It took a long time. I have found the way to forgive my father but I have not forgiven Alfred Kinsey.

In my ten-minute personal interview with Alfred Kinsey himself when I was a child in about 1944, I was forced to shake hands with the devil himself. He is dead now and God has judged him already.

The Kinsey Institute still promotes the idea that "children are sexual from birth." That's a lie from the pit of hell. Children are too young to even give consent to irresponsible sex with anyone!

My uncle, who was also one of Kinsey's incest so-called researchers, molested his stepdaughter when she was five years old, and it caused her terrible trauma throughout her life. My uncle and his wife were personal friends with Alfred Kinsey and his wife when they lived in Bloomington and called Kinsey a “Queer Duck.”

How can this organization be accredited to the United Nations, an organization that claims to protect children?

The Kinsey Institute testified that they promote "responsible sexual behavior." Any organization that agrees with the promotion of sexual promiscuity to children is definitely NOT responsible!

All this sexual abuse, especially those children who were molested for hire by Kinsey, has devastated their "sexual health." Of course the Kinsey Institute never did any “research" on the consequences of what they promoted.

I know these are shocking words to comprehend. This is only my family story. What a terrible family scandal!

For all the hundreds of other children who were tortured as I was, we need to stop the Kinsey Institute from spreading this sex “research.”  I'm sure some of them committed suicide years ago. Most of them are dead now. I am now in my 80s.

Please educate your UN Committee on what is really going on at the Kinsey Institute today. The acute, unconcerned silence on the video clip as the Kinsey Institute gave their testimony was devastating to me. I guess you just didn't have any information.

I pray that you will do the right thing and eventually come to your own conclusion that the Kinsey Institute should not be able to use the United Nations as a way to advance their radical sex research.

This has been very sincerely written, by a so-called “Kinsey Institute Research Survivor”.



This is documented by Esther White, my assumed name to protect my identity.


Be a voice for the other Kinsey child victims and help STOP the spread of Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute's dangerous sexual ideologies!

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